The Navigator Taproom founders, like vikings of old, have set out for new land with the promise of sweet gold — only this gold you can drink.  Tim & Erik are not the creators of the off-color Cartoon Network series.  They’re just a couple of Chicagoans with beards — solid beards.  Not James beards, real deal nordic beards.

They’re old friends who’s love for good beer and travel made them want to start this cool thing you’re looking at.  They value hanging out with people and trying new things and they want to share that with the city they love. Their dream is to be a part of the booming beer culture with a cool new idea in a dope neighborhood — Logan Square.  The self pour tap wall allows you to pour your own beer which is amazing.  The guys didn’t cut corners either.  You’ll see that the taps are SWEATING cold and that’s by design.  They’re glycol-cooled to give you the perfectly chilled 38 degree glass of beer.  Warm taps cause foam and we think foam is the worst.  You should get what you pay for.  Is the beer nerd in you inspired yet?

See what’s on tap and come check us out.